Grow your audience, Reach new Listeners

Highpitch is a Playlist Analytics and Promotion tool to reach more fans. It helps you find new audience reach, and get intelligent insights on Playlists and Curators.

No Credit Card Required. Pro Plan starts @ $5/mo

Find playlist curators to pitch your music

Finding curators is hard, finding the right one is even harder. Highpitch makes it easy by showing them all in one place and it gives you signals on whether a curators playlist is worth it or not.

Pro / Early Access

Learn and Get Insights into a curators playlist

Sometimes your basic signals won’t give you the entire picture and ends up getting you nowhere. Playlist Analyzer digs deep into a playlist and shows you all sorts of important information about artists, tracks, engagement and followers.

Highpitch is currently in early access. While the basic features are free to use, advanced features are restricted behind a paywall. It will cost $5/mo on early access pricing plan and at launch it will be $15/mo.

Pro Plan Features

  • Full access to everything in our database
  • Track Playlists
  • Historic Follower Chart
  • Historic Listener Engagement chart
  • Playlist Genre Maps (soon)
  • Top Artists and track score (soon)
  • Playlist Engagement Journey (soon)
  • Playlist and Artist Business Insights (soon)
  • Huge discount ($15 /mo to $5/mo)

How does this work? Simply search for playlists using keywords, genres and moods. HighPitch has over 3000+ playlists that you can reach out to. HighPitch also searches spotify everyday spanning multiple genres to find new playlists.This is in early access mode and is subject to change.

How much will this cost? This product will cost $5/month on early access pricing. At launch it will be increased to $15/month with a generous free tier.

What is Early Access Pricing? Early access pricing gives you access to the pro plan at a huge discount while the product is in early access phase. During the early access phase, your feedback will help to shape and improve the product.

Does the early access phase have incomplete features? No, early access plan gives you full access to the core features with no restrictions. As time goes on, it will have more features that you can access at the same discounted price.

Is early access price forever? Yes, if you get the pro plan during the early access phase, then it will cost you $5/mo forever as a token of gratitude for helping with the feedback and testing.

What features are supported? Currently it's find Spotify Curator Contacts and Playlist Analysis. On Highpitch you can search for playlist curators from multiple genres for free. It will give you listener Engagement, curator contact information and all the other relevant information required to choose the right playlist. In addition to that, you can also start track playlists to give you an in-dept analysis on a playlist.